honestly i was not-posting my url to avoid a few people but idc anymore here it is ›

Anonymous asked: so, what about you new url or smth?

if i’ve said that you have to ask for my new url why would i give it an anon oh my ogd

yadda yadda i moved blogs, ask if you want

your daily reminder that i have moved blogs and you should ask if you want it

i moved blogs, ask if you want it, etc

i moved blogs if you want the url you should ask

i have changed blogs ~ feel free 2 ask if you want it

ok im trying to access my wincest tag on this blog so i can queue stuff up but it’s not working bear with me

ok if you see a new blog following you it’ll be me

i shall make sure to send messages also

i’m remaking my blog so if you want my url you should ask for it