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“Don’t stop on my account,” Dean said, his voice already getting low and gravelly. “You look too close to stop.” (x)

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Brothers being brothers.

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Blaine has this stupid, stupid grin plastered on his face. Normally, Everett would find it endearing, the sort of thing that if they were in their room at school he’d lean over and kiss it away, but right now, it’s been preceded by the words, “I’m going to do something special to ask Kurt out” and that could not be any more of a problem.

The tirade starts before he can stop it. “Do you remember what happened last time you did something special? You serenaded Jeremiah, and he hopelessly rejected you. And you know, I’m sick of watching you get hurt by these guys who you go over the top for.” It starts off just like that, the protective big-brother-by-seven-and-a-half-minutes rant, but before he realizes it, Everett’s rambling for an entirely different reason, and Blaine is staring at him. “You’re my brother, the most important thing in the world to me, the person I’d do anything for, but I don’t want to watch you be broken down by these guys and - you know, I don’t want to lose you to them, either.”

Blaine throws his hands up as Everett looks away, and when he talks, he sounds hella exasperated but thankfully not annoyed. “What makes you think you’re going to lose me?” Everett glances up at him sullenly, and something flashes behind Blaine’s eyes, and he gets it. “Ev, you’re my - you’re everything, my best friend, my brother, the person who accepted me before anyone else in the world, and you’re never going to lose me. I don’t know what I’d do with out you for starts. And if any future boyfriend be it Kurt or Jeremiah or like, Jeff, if they have a problem with us then they know where the door is. And okay, you’re right. I’ll talk to Kurt like a normal person. And if he decides he wants to go out with me…” Blaine shrugs, “He’s just going to have to deal with it. Deal with us.”

The tension ebbed from Everett’s shoulders. “Really?”

Blaine nodded. “Really.”

Everett approached at Blaine’s shoulder as Kurt walked away and exclaimed, “Blaine, you are so in love with him.”

Blaine kept his eyes on Kurt, unable to stop smiling. “Shut it, Ev.”

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